Preparing our student population to enter kindergarten at or above the state school readiness goals is our primary objective. Our screening, assessment and curriculum tools allow us to identify potential development delays and measure each child’s school readiness. From there, we work to develop an educational plan that is designed to maximize each student’s success.

Central Kentucky Head Start’s leadership understands that school readiness goals are statements that articulate knowledge and skills for preschool children entering kindergarten. These goals address social and emotional development, language and literacy, physical development and health, approaches to learning, and cognitive development including mathematics and science. The goals outlined below have been aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Demonstrate positive interactions and a sense of belonging through relationships with adults and peers.
  • Develop and demonstrate the ability to recognize and regulate emotions, attention, impulses and behavior.
  • Develop and demonstrate the ability to recognize the emotions of others and respond positively.

Language & Literacy

  • Able to verbally/non-verbally express wants and needs.
  • Engage in conversations, follow directions and comprehend language.
  • Able to demonstrate age-appropriate emergent literacy skills that lead to print knowledge and the awareness that prints convey meaning. 
  • Dual language learners demonstrate competency in home language while acquiring beginning proficiency in English.

Approaches to Learning

  • Demonstrate flexibility, inventiveness, curiosity, motivation, persistence and engagement in learning.


  • Find multiple solutions utilizing symbolic representation to questions, tasks, problems and challenges by using reasoning skills.
  • Use math in everyday routines to count, compare, relate, pattern and problem solve.
  • Engage in exploring environments through observations, manipulation, asking questions, making predictions, and develop hypotheses.

Perception, Motor & Physical Development

  • Demonstrate control, strength and coordination of large and small muscles.
  • Children and families practice healthy and safe habits.
  • Demonstrate interest in and participate in a variety of visual arts, dance, music and dramatic experiences.

Families as Lifelong Learners

  • Parents/Guardians set individual, developmentally appropriate, educational goals for their child.

Frog Street

CKYHS utilizes Frog Street Press curriculum for our classrooms. Frog Street is a nationally-recognized, research-based curriculum that covers literacy, math, and content domains. All CKYHS teaching staff are trained in how to best implement Frog Street in your child’s classroom. For more information, please visit

Continuous Assessment

Utilizing proven assessment tools, staff collects data on an ongoing basis to determine how well children are progressing in reaching core Head Start goals. Assessment data is used to plan lessons and activities for all children, as well as individualized instruction and activities for each child. Central Kentucky Head Start is proud to report that students attending our centers continuously meet or exceed school readiness goals. Check out our most recent annual academic assessment report below.

Academic Assessment Report

Striving for Excellence

Our highly qualified teachers help us carry out our core mission every day. The talent and dedication of our teaching staff helps us raise the bar and reach for the stars, literally. Each of our centers remain at the highest levels of standards as indicated by our STARS for KIDS NOW ratings.

Additionally, some of our Head Start centers have been awarded accreditation by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC-accredited early learning programs are meticulously measured for indicators of quality in the classroom and beyond. Accreditation ensures that programs are safe, well prepared and intentional about ensuring children’s success.

Center STARS Rating NAEYC Accreditation
Application Pending
LaRue County
Application Pending
Meade County
Application Pending
New Haven
Application Pending
Application Pending
Application Pending
West Main

“As a first-time student parent, I couldn’t have found a more positive and inclusive environment for my child than Springfield Head Start. I’ve always felt welcomed and supported as both a parent and volunteer and my son is an enthusiastic learner with the necessary skills to excel at the next grade level”

Terrell B., Head Start Parent