Frequently Asked Questions


When is the application deadline for my child to enroll in Head Start?

There is no deadline. Central Kentucky Head Start accepts applications on a year-round basis. Please submit an application as soon as possible. Head Start staff will follow-up with you about eligibility and any potential openings.

How much does it cost to send my child to Head Start?

ALL Head Start services are provided at no cost to families. Head Start is a federally funded preschool program and covers all expenses for children and families.

How do I know if my child is eligible for Head Start?

There are many criteria that are considered for children and families to be deemed eligible for Head Start services. When you apply, you will be asked to include family financial information. Additionally, you will do an interview with a Central Kentucky Head Start staff member. We strongly encourage all families to apply for Head Start and we will work with you on eligibility questions.

What if my child is eligible, but there are no openings in the classrooms?

Central Kentucky Head Start maintains a waitlist of all eligible children throughout the year. Spots open up in classrooms for many reasons. You will be notified as soon as your child’s place on the waitlist is up.

I believe my child might have a developmental delay or mental health issue. Who do I discuss this with?

Do not worry! Central Kentucky Head Start serves all eligible children, including those with developmental delays or mental health challenges. During the application process and interview, make sure you let our staff members know all of your concerns. You are your child’s first teacher and know your child better than anyone! If your child is eligible and enrolls in Head Start, we will work with you to get the proper support systems in place to help your child develop and thrive.

Daily Schedule

What time do children attend pre-school at Head Start?

Children should be dropped off between 7:30 am and 8 am. Children should be picked up by 3 pm. Adults dropping off or picking up your child must be on the approved list you provide the Center. We cannot release a child to any adult not approved in writing by the parent/guardian.

What does a typical day at Head Start look like for my child?

Your child will receive a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack each day. Children learn through playing with teachers encouraging children to think about higher-level questions. Weather permitting, children will spend time outside every day for exercise and fresh air. Children will also have designated nap times each day. For more detailed information about curriculum and activities, visit our Academics page.

Health & Wellness

What services would my child receive while attending Head Start?

Children attending Head Start will receive a first-class preschool learning experience. Central Kentucky Head Start also provides comprehensive nutrition, health, developmental and mental health services, as needed. Your child will have an individualized plan to help your child grow in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Please visit the Services section for more details about services provided to Head Start children.

What food is provided to my child?

All Head Start children receive nutritious breakfast and lunch meals. There is also at least one healthy snack provided each day. Children are encouraged to try new foods and menus vary based on supplies that are available. A registered dietician works with Central Kentucky Head Start to approve menus and ensure foods are healthy, low fat, low salt and low sugar.

Meal times are important in the Head Start school day. Children are encouraged to develop social skills, responsibility for cleaning up meal areas, and create good table manners during meal times.

My child requires medication. How does Central Kentucky Head Start monitor and deliver it?

Central Kentucky Head Start staff may not administer medication to children without written approval from the parent/guardian AND physician. Once approval has been given, staff members will be fully trained before administering your child’s medication. All medication is stored in secure locations at the Center.

My child is not potty-trained, yet? How does Central Kentucky Head Start support my child?

Central Kentucky Head Start provides diapers and pull-ups for children. Staff members will change your child’s diaper at regular intervals and as needed. If you wish to provide your own diapering supplies from the ones provided, that is acceptable.

Central Kentucky Head Start staff will also provide resources to help you with your child to become potty-trained at home, as well. Potty training is a key element of your child being Kindergarten-ready and we will work with you on this.

Parent & Community Engagement

How can I get involved?

Central Kentucky Head Start loves for families to get involved in your child’s experience. There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved, including serving on various center-based or agency-wide committees and volunteering at your child’s Center. Please discuss options with your Family Advocate and help Central Kentucky Head Start provide the best experience for your child.

Do you accept donations?

Yes! Please visit our Donate page to learn about all the ways to support our program.

Does Central Kentucky Head Start provide additional services or resources to support children and families?

Most definitely! As a program within CKCAC, we are able to offer wrap-around services to our Head Start families. From employment and adult education to housing, home energy, transportation and more, we can help. It’s our goal to provide comprehensive services that help our families achieve self-sufficiency. Please visit for more information about all of the CKCAC programs and services.